Vision Quest Guardianship 

Learning to become a guardian for vision quest

with Hilary Kneale assisted by Rick Lockwood and Gian Paolo Cottino

Northern Drum offers training for those wanting to learn how to hold a vision quest and who are committed to going into the depths of the tradition. Teachings will be delivered in a way that respects the tradition, which has roots in different cultures all over the world.

Participants will be guided towards stepping into the role as the guardian: a role that is traditionally seen as a position of honour. The training will provide the participants with the skills that are needed to guide people on vision quests on practical, energetic and spiritual levels.  The teachings include ways to prepare the seekers for the ceremony; how to set up a safe and effective base camp; securing the area, building the sacred fire; holding the camp while the seekers are on the quest; as well as return, integration and support afterwards.

The training will embody a wide range of teachings, including the different purposes of the traditional vision quest, and how the ceremony can be used in the modern world of today, in a way that stays true to the essence. Participants will undertake a vision quest of their own as part of the training, and also learn some basic bushcraft skills.

The Vision Quest Guardianship Training will run over five modules, which will include two camps and three weekends; 26 days of training in total. Monthly integration emails will be sent out as part of the programme. Hilary will offer support throughout. A written application for the training is requested – please send to Hilary Kneale.

2022 – 2023, Wales, Devon, Somerset

Price £2595, Deposit £300
Includes food and accommodation

Contact Hilary Kneale

Tel: 07799 694 546
Email: [email protected]



June 12 – 19 camp in Devon



January 20-22 Earth Spirit Centre, Somerset
March 24-26 Earth Spirit Centre, Somerset
June 17-26 camp in Wales        
(Northern Drum VQ: June 19-25)


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