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Modern and authentic shamanism with Chris Lüttichau

Northern Drum Shamanic Centre is a UK-based educational organisation offering a renewed perspective on traditional shamanic and medicine teachings, and a safe grounding from which to learn them. We provide unique opportunities for growth on your journey in life, with our breadth of shamanic training courses and workshops from introductory to advanced levels. Whether you are new to shamanism, or already experienced but seeking to deepen your knowledge and skills, Northern Drum welcomes you.  

OUT NOW: 'Calling Us Home', the inspiring new book by Chris Lüttichau

"Brought to life by awe-inspiring stories of lessons learned amongst indigenous teachers around the world, this is a deeply necessary book. Essential reading for anyone who cares about spirit, and spiritual activism. Read it, practice it, share it." Manda Scott

"A bible for our times." Head of Zeus

“Written with quiet power and fluency. Chris Lüttichau offers us wisdom distilled from many years of profound enquiry. His is a voice of authenticity, of clarity, and of heartfelt truthfulness. We are a people searching home and this book offers many potent insights that like lanterns strung along a dark forest pathway, illuminate the way ahead.”
Mac Macartney, Speaker, Writer, Founder of Embercombe

Now out in paperback, £8.99. Available in all good bookshops and online.  

New Three Year Training in 2021

"The three year teachings provide the most impressive spiritual guidance I've encountered anywhere." N. Hosein, Psychotherapist and Family Constellations Facilitator

"I am a much stronger and more confident person...as I integrate the teachings more and more." D. Askwith-Ellis

Begins 18 - 19 November 2021, at Earth Spirit Centre, Somerset. Email info@northerndrum.com for further details, and to register your interest in an introduction day for the Three Year Training. 

The Shaman's Doorway: weekend introductory workshops in 2020

The Shaman's Doorway is a weekend foundational workshop designed to help you open your own doorway to the spirit world. We will introduce you to some of the core methods used in shamanism, and to help you establish your own relationship to them in a safe and grounded way. You will experience and learn to practice the ancient Shamanic path to wholeness and balance. This path leads you towards reclaiming the ancient wisdom within you, and so to your true, authentic power.

The relationships you make with your spirit teacher and spirit animal, through the technique of journeying, are the key to the Doorway. It is suitable both for beginners and for those who want to deepen a link they have already established.

The Shaman's Doorway 2020 dates:
15 - 16 February, London
7 - 8 March, Copenhagen
21 - 22 March, Cornwall
25 - 26 April, Bristol
6 - 7 June, Edinburgh
7 - 8 November, Bristol

21 - 22 November, London


Shamanic workshops and trainings

"The teachings and ceremonies are powerfully transformative whilst always practical and grounded. Chris does not ask us to believe anything, rather to test it for ourselves. The skills and perspectives I have gained via Northern Drum continue to shape my everyday life. Working with the teachings daily, I find I am becoming calmer, stronger and more surely connected to life. I am proud to be part of a group of genuine and courageous people who have become dear friends. It is also great fun!" Katerina Keogan, Artist, Craftswoman

Our shamanic workshops and courses, as well as our Vision Quests, are designed to support you on a journey to know yourself, to stand in your own power and integrity, to heal your wounds and eventually to help others do the same, if you are called to that path. We support you to come into a conscious relationship with all of creation, where you are awake to the magic of life, following your path with love and enjoyment.

The path that these shamanic teachings offer can lead to a true homecoming, a fulfilment of potential, dreams and visions. They can help you find greater harmony with self, with others, and with the world around you.  Read more...