Songs of the Unseen

Awakening to everyday ceremony

The work of the shaman happens on two different planes or states of consciousness, ordinary and non-ordinary. Songs of Unseen explores some of the ways to bridge these two realms and bring unordinary things into the physical realm of the ordinary.

Presence is the fundamental tool in this work, which we will explore alongside the rest of the Four Attentions. Bringing our attention to presence, stillness and movement, we will open into sacred time and space to surrender to the shimmering and here listen for the songs of all existence.

This workshop brings an opening into the Mystery through building a connection to the power of all that is unseen around us, the subtle beauty of the earth through an awakening to everyday ceremony that can arise as we deepen our connection to both our body and the places where we live.”

‘I am shape shifter, never still

From deep stillness I emerge and then return
I am inside all life and amongst all life
I am ancient and new born again and again and again without end
I am everywhere and nowhere and all where
I am song and am song am song I am song’

From ‘Of the sound before words’ by Hilary Kneale

with Hilary Kneale & Pavel Timashkov

5 – 6 November 2022, London

Price: £235, deposit £50

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Tel: 07875 945 893