The Shaman as Peacemaker

How to live in peace with self and others

Amongst traditional shamanic cultures, deeply rooted in ancient understanding of the heart and the mind of the human, there are stories, legends, teachings, and practices on how to live in peace. Some shamanic tribes have lived according to the principles of peace, respect and harmony for hundreds of years, keeping the old ways alive.

Based on these principles, this workshop offers deep, transformational teachings on the role of the shaman as peacekeeper and peacemaker. Creating, maintaining and ensure harmony between the worlds, between human beings and nature, amongst the humans themselves, and within the individual; these are some of the traditional core tasks of the shaman.

You will embark upon a journey of inner healing in order to create a foundation from which you can manifest the state of mind which is peace. Drawing on the powers of nature, this workshop offers ways to heal and transform old wounds that stand in the way of peace. It includes ceremonies and initiation into an understanding and an embodiment of the teachings on the high art of peace.

This is a seven hour workshop that starts at 2 PM UK time, 9 AM US Eastern time, in order for people to participate internationally. Our online workshops closely mirror our physical workshops. They are a live, interactive experience with opportunities to work within the group and ask questions.

Led by Chris Lüttichau


This workshop will return soon.

Contact: Matt Guy


Mobile: +44 (0)7890 359054

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