Shaman as Peacemaker

Heal & transform old wounds that stand in the way of peace

Amongst indigenous, shamanic cultures, deeply rooted in ancient understanding and wisdom there are stories, legends, teachings and practices on how to live in peace. Some native cultures have lived according to the principles of peace, respect and balance for hundreds of years, and hold profound insights into the minds and hearts of the human being.

Based on these ways, this workshop offers deep, transformational teachings on the role of the shaman as peacekeeper and peacemaker. Creating, maintaining and ensuring balance and harmony between the worlds, between human beings and nature, amongst the humans themselves, and within the individual; these are some of the traditional core tasks of the shaman.

Over a period of two days you will embark upon a journey of inner healing in order to create a foundation from which you can manifest the state of mind which is peace. Drawing on the powers of nature, this workshop offers ways to heal and transform old wounds that stand in the way of peace. It includes ceremonies, and initiation into an understanding and an embodying of the teachings on the high art of peace.

Shamans are messengers between worlds, and this workshop can be seen in the light of human consciousness slowly beginning to awaken in these times of change.

This is course is not scheduled at present, but may return in the future.
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Led by Chris Lüttichau
Contact: Matt Guy
Tel: 07890 359 054