Earth Wisdom Shamanic Training 2025

Led by Hilary Kneale

We will enter this shamanic training amongst the green fire of Spring and move through the gatherings with the seasons in to the beginnings of Winter.

The work of the shaman happens on two different planes or states of consciousness, ordinary and non-ordinary. We will explore some of the ways to bridge these two realms and awaken a seeing of the unordinary into the physical realm of the ordinary. Presence is a fundamental tool in this work, bringing our attention to presence in the body, heart and mind through both stillness and movement. We will call in beginners mind as we open into the Mystery through building a connection to the power of all that is seen and unseen around us, awakening a deeper way of sensing the subtle beauty of the earth through the power of ceremony. 

During this training we will work with shamanic teachings that can support wholeness and balance and support us to come into alignment with the wisdom of the heart. Together we will make a strong circle of the people, creating a safe container filled with potential. We will work with the power of movement, mediation and breath. We will awaken and deepen our connection to the spirits of drum and medicine song. We will remember and deepen our connection to our power animal and spirit guide, calling forth their assistance for both grounding with the earth and establishing a strong centre. We will work with aspects of the four directions and eight directions of the medicine wheel. We will work with tools for healing ourselves and others through the medicine power of the rattle and feather and other healing ways. We will walk the earth in the medicine way, connecting with all our relations and the beauty and magic of the place where we gather, within the woodland, valley and high lands of Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire.

The training is for beginners as well as for more experienced practitioners who would like to travel deeper into the work.

Led by Hilary Kneale in Hebden Bridge West Yorkshire

Begins 25th April 2025

The training is non-residential, food and accommodation is not included in the cost.

Cost: £1,125  Deposit: £150

For further details contact Hilary Kneale

Tel: +44 7799694546


13 days over 4 modules
25-27 April
20-22 June
5-7 September
13-16 November

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