About Northern Drum

Modern and authentic shamanism
with Chris Lüttichau

Our Vision

Awakening – empowerment – transformation

We believe that when you begin to raise your own consciousness you contribute to raising that of the collective. Changing your thought processes and your ways of perceiving reality have a ripple effect creating change around you.

The prophecies of native people living many centuries ago foretold that the time we live in now would see our old structure come apart, and a new, more balanced one begin to emerge. This time holds the promise of an era where humanity can take a leap forward in consciousness. We are moving into a new cycle in the history of our planet.

At this turning point, Chris Lüttichau and the UK-based Northern Drum Shamanic Centre are dedicated to offering teachings which assist you in finding a way forward for yourself into the new cycle: knowing who you are; knowing your power; and healing wounds that may keep you from following your path.

Shamanic Teachings

We provide a complete body of universal, spiritual teachings covering all areas of life. These include: core teachings in traditional shamanic healing methods; techniques for awakening consciousness and unlocking potential; meditation; spirit contact; self-development and empowerment; and many other areas such as the council way, nature awareness and dreaming.

These teachings are not only wise words, they are tools which can be applied on a physical level and affect the whole system body and soul, to bring about healing at a cellular level. They involve dance, song, ceremony and meditation as well as spoken word. They have the power to make the great Circle of Life whole again; they form a part of what ancient peoples have called ‘the original instructions’, guiding us humans in how to live. They are time-tested and can impart tremendous insight and strength.

These teachings bring the stability and wisdom of an ancestral heritage shared with us by elders, shamans and medicine people and the excitement of what is relevant to our lives now. Our perspective is rooted in native people’s knowledge of living in harmony with the earth, soul and spirit. We are open to the creative possibility in the meeting of that world with our evolving knowledge in a global community.

We are committed to supporting you on a journey of awakening, empowerment, healing and transformation, which you can discover at your own pace. The teachings we offer in our workshops and trainings can guide you to:

–  awaken and raise your consciousness.

–  find and manifest your own vision, through healing your past and embracing your potential.

– be in life with an open heart, experiencing from the place of the re-awakened authentic self.

–  live in a better balance with yourself, with others and with all of creation as one part of the great Web Of Life, embodying the Way Of Peace, honouring the Great Spirit in everything that is.

–  honour Mother Earth and all that is born of her, seeing creation as sacred, and to live in way that respects all of life.

–  bring together two worlds: native people’s knowledge of living in harmony with the earth, soul and spirit; and our evolving knowledge of science, technology and global community.

–  make the great Circle Of Life more whole again, and to learn to sit in council, truly listening, speaking and making decisions from a place of healing, wisdom, clarity and respect.

–  help raise the consciousness of human beings at this important time in history, and to seek guidance from Spirit, ancestors and your higher self.

– honour the feminine and the masculine as they express themselves in the sacred dance of life.

–  honour and protect the children’s fire, and all children of Creation.

Northern Drum Council

The Northern Drum Council are a dedicated team who have trained with Chris Lüttichau at Northern Drum for many years and integrate shamanic teachings into their own work.

Our council is:

– based on the Council Way, the teachings on the eight council chiefs, the medicine teachings, and the shamanic teachings.

– comprised of members who join by invitation.

– an advisory council.

Most of our members are also involved in running Northern Drum with tasks such as organising workshops, designing the brochure and website, and organizing assistants for training groups and workshops.

People involved with Northern Drum can bring topics to the members of our council.

About the Council Members

Hilary Kneale

Hilary Kneale

I live on Dartmoor in Devon and am an artist working across art forms: installation, movement, making, drawing and the written word. Much of my work takes place in the wilder places of the earth. I met Chris in Norway in 2002 and was then inspired to study with Northern Drum. I now assist with and teach workshops and trainings, I am a member of Northern Drum Council and support the development of Northern Drum. I also support ‘vision quest’. As I continue to live and work within the medicine teachings, my ways align more deeply with the ancient song of the earth.


Matt Guy

Matt Guy

I met Chris while being present at one of his healing sessions in 2003. The power of that experience led me to try one of his workshops and I began training with Northern Drum in 2007. I help with administration and organising the longer trainings. I also assist on workshops and I have run introductory workshops at festivals.

For me, following the path that these teachings set out is the most effective way of contributing positively to the great changes taking place right now.


Alexis Walsh

Alexis Walsh

Until recently I was living and working in Hertfordshire as a practice manager for general practitioners and forensic medical examiners. In 2007 I made a commitment to participate in a one year advanced healing course with Northern Drum. I continue to be an eager student as well as assisting on workshops and being a bursary guardian. My journey continues: new home, new life, new…

Philippa Church

Philippa Church

I have been a Northern Drum student since my first Shaman’s Doorway workshop in 2007, going on to complete the Three Year Training and ongoing Medicine Lodges. I have been a school teacher (English and Drama) for 25 years and enjoy dancing with the challenge entailed in incorporating this work and these teachings into a very goal-focused and perfomance-driven environment. For me, the teachings are the map that guides me through.

Becky Hall

Becky Hall

I have been working as an osteopath for 15 years and before that was Head of PE Department at a secondary school. I went to my first Northern Drum workshop in 2010 and it felt like I had come home – the spiritual seeking I had started in my teens brought me to these inspirational teachings – they illuminate and inform both my work and my life. I have been attending and assisting on courses ever since.

Lawrence Nunes

Lawrence Nunes

Having moved to Cornwall in 2004 I met Chris the following year, and began training with Northern Drum immediately. Since then I have marvelled year after year at the depth and breadth of this path and see a profound need for this wisdom to be integrated within our modern society. In West Cornwall I have found a home where I live with my wife and daughter, work as a Carpenter/Artist, and run Vision Quests along with other regular ceremonies. I am also a facilitator with A Band of Brothers, a UK charity that is dedicated to mentoring troubled young men.

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