Psychic Protection

Integrity and vitality in your own personal space – an online workshop

Shamans learn from nature. One of the natural laws has to do with protection. Plants and animals teach us about the importance of good healthy protection. Wild animals have clear boundaries. Likewise, animals have a safe place where they can rest and raise their young. This can be in a form of a nest, a den, or a safe, hidden place in a meadow, surrounded by tall grass, or a bedding area in the thick brush in the forest. In the same way, humans need a home where they can feel safe. But for human beings it is just as essential to have psychic protection: to have a strong energy field that keeps your own psychic space clear and free of unwanted intrusions.
This is especially important for empaths and people who are sensitive to energies. A secure, personal space where you can rest and feel safe is a solid foundation. This is based on natural law as we can see it in nature. This kind of protection does not come from a place of fear, but from common sense.
This workshop goes to the core of psychic protection, and you will learn a range of time-tested methods including, grounding, being centred, thought control, healing the wounds, the influence of fear and love, as well as some core shamanic protection techniques for yourself, your loved ones and your home.

This is a seven hour workshop that starts at 2pm UK time, 9am US Eastern time, in order for people to participate internationally

Led by Chris Lüttichau

7 January 2023, live webinar

Price: £135, deposit £45

Contact: Matt Guy