The Star Bird

Remembering who we are

This is the time of the arrival of the swallows. Migrating from the south, seeking the light and the long days of the northern hemisphere, they bring a message of illumination, clarity and renewal. The song of the swallow is one of joy and optimism, and it invites our spirit to take wings and fly. When the swallow arrives after a long winter, we know that spring has come and with it growth, warmth, light and hope.


The Light

As she flies, the black back of the swallow absorbs the light from the sun. Symbolically this bright bird is the keeper of the light within. Light is the source of life, both in the sense that the light of the sun brings life to our planet, but also on an esoteric level, in that spiritual light is the essence of our being. My elders called the swallow Star Bird. It is seen to be the messenger from the star nations, reminding us of where we come from, and that we are beings of light.


Trust and fear 

When the swallow arrives in spring, it tells us to remember who we are. One of the traits of the human mind is forgetfulness. When pain and fear come into the life of a child, fear begins to dominate the mind, and soon fear begins to dominate the way we see and experience life. Our perspective then changes from one of trust and innocence, to one of fear and doubt. Sometimes this is subtle, and sometimes it is not so subtle. In the modern world this state of fear is considered normal, and it is generally not questioned. But the deep trust is gone, and the deep joy of just being alive is also lost in most people.



The swallow sings a song of remembrance: remember who you are. When a flock of swallows flies close by, and you hear the joy in their voices, it awakens a whisper telling you about your deeper self. When people smile and feel happy to see a swallow arrive in the spring, their heart has understood the swallow’s message. Just as it announces the warmth and the light of spring and summer, on an inner level it also reveals who you truly are.


The Hunt

Swallows spend much of their life in the air, where they hunt insects for themselves and for their young in the nest. They navigate with astounding swiftness, hunting in curving flight, precise and highly effective. Humans hunt their whole life, too, for love and for joy. But the song of the swallow tells you that what you are hunting is not to be found outside yourself, but inside your own heart. The joy you experience in the swallow’s call is the one your heart already knows.


The Long Journey

The swallow can travel thousands of miles and find the exact location, and the exact nest that it left in the autumn the year before.

As a spirit animal guide, the swallow will guide us back home to the light of awakened consciousness, to our true identity. It can be a long journey. The Lakota of the North American plains call it the longest journey. The longest journey you will ever walk is the journey from your head to your heart, their elders say. The song of the swallows calls you home, and your heart understands.


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