The Lone Wolf

Following the call of your spirit

The expression ‘the lone wolf’, comes from the observation of wolf pack behaviour. Only the alpha male and female are allowed to breed, and where most wolves accept their role and thrive in it, some choose to leave, and set out on a search to establish a pack of their own. A lone wolf may have been forced to leave, rejected by the pack. But in some cases it will leave of its own accord if the pack does not allow it to move up in rank.

From a shamanic perspective, the separation from the pack and the choice to become a lone wolf can represent the desire to be able to express yourself fully. It means to follow the call of your spirit. Sometimes the call can be loud and clear, but sometimes it is more like a whisper: what we call the whisper in the wind. The mind usually doesn’t hear it, but the heart does.

The choice to follow the call from spirit

The lone wolf symbolises the act of leaving behind the world that you know. It means you are willing to take a risk, to set out into the unknown in order to find yourself, your power, your true destiny, and your true family. The lone wolf has heard the call from spirit, and chooses to follow it, even though she becomes vulnerable without the protection of the pack. For many the choice of setting out on a search in the wilderness of life is a relief, because belonging in the pack has been restrictive. It is an adventure, even though there can be challenges that are sometimes severe. When a wolf leaves the pack it is on its own, and needs to become strong and self-reliant in order to survive. In human terms, this can lead you to develop your powers and skills.


Walking the path of the lone wolf represents being willing to be different and to follow your heart, in spite of what your family, peers and colleagues think about it. It means not to be ruled by the fear of other people’s thoughts. This is a choice that people who set out on a spiritual path often need to make, and in doing so, they may be judged by the people around them, and feel shame because they are different. But if they keep following their calling, they will eventually find a new pack that allows them to manifest themselves in their full strength. They will, of course, be tested on the way, that is part of the initiation. The lone wolf proves himself through courage, determination, will power, and trust.

Shamanic initiation often includes walking the path of the lone wolf, and the animals become your teachers and guides.

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