Shamanic Soul Retrieval Training

To undertake a Soul Retreival for another person is advanced healing which can deepen the work of healers, therapists and other practitioners. It requires that your foundation, skills and knowledge of shamanism are in solid. Therefore Soul Retrieval is taught as part of the One Year and Three Year Shamanic Training, and the Medicine Lodge. Different Soul Retrieval methods and teachings are given on each of the training groups, so that those who attend more than one training group can continue to deepen their knowledge and practice.

Soul retrieval is a unique shamanic healing method for regaining wholeness and balance after trauma and shock have fragmented the soul. It is a classical healing practise where the shaman finds and returns aspects of the soul which have been lost. Shamans see the soul as a complex unit. When soul loss occurs as the result of traumatic circumstances, it is followed by illnesses of different kinds, mental or physical. Depression, immune system disorders, problems in relationships, low self-esteem, lack of grounding, dysfunctional thought and behaviour patterns are some of them.

On the One Year, Three Year, and Medicine Lodge Trainings we include teachings and specific methods on the following topics:

  • In-depth understanding of the concept and phenomenon of soul loss and soul retrieval
  • Diagnosing soul loss
  • Finding and returning lost soul parts
  • Integration after soul retrieval.

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