SHIFT Breathwork Summit

Breathwork for healing and transformation

Chris Lüttichau is honoured to be among more than 40 of today’s highly sought-after breathwork experts and teachers — including Richard Rudd, Rollin McCraty, PhD, Ayo Handy-Kendi, Professor Stephen W. Porges, Dr. Ela Manga, Giten Tonkov, Kathleen Booker, Dr. Katie Hendricks, Niraj Naik, and others.

Chris and other speakers will be sharing dynamic breathwork practices to help transmute trauma, energize the brain, and connect you with higher frequencies, helping you experience life as a more unified being.

This groundbreaking Breathwork Summit will reveal the science, art, and power of full-spectrum breathing across a number of traditions and techniques. You’ll learn the history and science behind these practices, with time allotted to actually perform them under the guidance of experienced breathwork pioneers and practitioners.

One of the great gifts of breath is that whenever your mind veers off track, conscious breathing can gently return you to stillness and serenity.

That’s because the breaths you’re taking right now are connected to your nervous system, your immune health, and your ability to live your life to the fullest. They’re the gatekeeper to your mental and emotional states, the release valve for traumatic experiences, and your portal to a higher state of being.

During this profound 5-day event, you’ll discover:

  • How to manage your breath in extreme environments
  • Ways to use breathwork as the foundation for starting and sustaining breakthrough changes in your life
  • The future of breathwork in NeuroAcrobatics™ (or tuning the breath/brain/body axis for rapid self-healing)
  • The nature of holographic breathing and a guided holographic breathing exercise from the founder of the technique
  • The key benefits of coherent breathing, as well as a guided coherent breathing exercise from the technique’s founder
  • Methods for using breathwork to access spirit and higher consciousness
  • Practices that use breath to help you access your happiest self
  • Ways to transform your life with a powerful shamanic breathing method
  • The connection between breath and manifestation — and ways to breathe into an abundant life
  • The core root transformation that can be experienced through breathwork to help transmute trauma.

And much more…

This free online gathering is presented by The Shift Network and hosted by master breathwork trainer Dan Brulé, consciousness teacher and coach Lisa De Narvaez, and Integrative Breath co-founder and lead teacher Steph Magenta.

7-12 February, Free online webinar

with Chris Lüttichau and other speakers

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