Shamanic Space Clearing

Northern Drum offers Space Clearing sessions by experienced practitioners who can work in your home or in the workplace. From a shamanic perspective, the consequences of living or working in an environment where negative or stale energies exist can adversely affect your health, well-being and relationships. The atmosphere of your exterior space reflects your inner space: as within, so without. It’s therefore vital to keep the energy as clean and alive as possible.

Clearing Spaces

By maintaining a clear space, stagnation is not allowed to fester and a flow of energy is maintained which is in harmony with the healing power of the universe. When energy flows freely, there is a youthfulness, joy and vitality about life. Where there is no movement the opposite is true; despair and depression can set in.

By working with spirit, we can find the places of imbalance within your home or business. We can then ascertain what is needed to restore harmony, beauty and integrity.

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