Shamanic Healing

If you are interested in becoming a shamanic healing practitioner, please see our One Year Training and Three Year Training.

For those who would like to receive healing: the aim of shamanic healing is to restore a person to wholeness and 
balance. This ancient method works with the individual and the
 spirit of the illness to bring back a state of equilibrium to the body, mind
 and spirit. Working with the drum, rattle, feather and sacred herbs, the 
shaman becomes a ‘hollow bone’ and allows his or her spirit helpers to work through
 him or her. In sacred space and time, the shaman enables these healing energies to
bring about the highest good for the client. The process can be extremely 
powerful and transformative, and at the same time nurturing and

Northern Drum offers private healing sessions, including extraction work, soul retrieval, blessing ceremonies and Shamanic 
Counselling sessions. Distance healing can also be arranged.

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For more details, or to book a healing, please contact:

Matt Guy
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