The Medicine Lodge

Continued Shamanic Training

Imagine a large tipi with a bright fire burning in the central hearth inside it. Illuminated from within, at night it is visible from far away. The fabric is delicate, but when properly cared for it can withstand storms. This is the medicine lodge. It is a metaphor for the human being and the human consciousness.

The Medicine Lodge is a training group for people who have completed the Three Year Shamanic Training and want to continue learning, and study and practice the more esoteric shamanic teachings. The training has an emphasis on ceremonies and spiritual practices outdoors, and will also include personal empowerment, awakening and raising consciousness, healing methods, spirit contact, meditation and dream.

These methods can open up new doorways and possibilities on your spiritual path, and take you deeper into the mystery teachings of shamanism. The teachings aim at guiding you further on the path of healing, awakening and transformation, moving towards freedom and joy, and practising living from a clear and strong centre.

In this training there is an emphasis on integrating and embodying the teachings, manifesting your visions and your destiny. This is an ongoing group that requires commitment on a yearly basis.

Details and cost

Led by Chris Lüttichau


Earth Spirit Centre, Glastonbury
20 days teaching per year
Total inclusive price per year: £2,095
Deposit: £355 per year

Contact: Matt Guy
Tel. 07890 359 054   Email: