Northern Drum Vision Quest

Northern Drum Vision Quests provide a time of solitude in nature, where profound spiritual guidance and healing can be found. The guidance and healing can relate to any area of your life. You will spend three days alone in nature, fasting and praying, allowing the mind to move into a place of stillness. Here you can distinguish your true self from the endless chattering of the mind, allowing a new space for mystery to come into your life and show a way forward. Quests can open immense possibilities, and help to heal deep wounds of separation and isolation. They can help reveal your life’s purpose and restore your passion and appreciation for life.

On the Vision Quest you can make the choice to move consciously from one life phase to another. You may also be gifted with new meaning and direction. Held in a secluded place of natural beauty, Northern Drum’s Vision Quests follow a traditional structure: separation from the known, a period of isolation, and then the return. Entering a solitary space of prayer, meditation, stillness and focus you can open up to the guidance of heaven and earth, Great Spirit and Mother Earth.

Optional burial ceremonies are offered on the night before entering the vision quest. A night inside the dark earth is a time of healing, where you can pray for a letting go of what no longer serves you, asking the earth to transform the patterns and beliefs that you are ready to release. At sunrise you emerge from the grave reborn and cleansed, ready to receive the wisdom and new life teachings during the vision quest.

Trained vision quest guardians will be on hand during the quest to guide you through the preparation time. After the quest they will support you through the beginning of the integration of your vision quest.

Forthcoming dates TBC, contact Northern Drum Shamanic Centre