Living and Dying

Build a conscious relationship with your own mortality

The cycles of life and death are part of nature and natural law. In order to live fully and consciously, shamans stress that it is essential to have a clarified relationship to death; one’s own as well as that of others.

This workshop offers teachings and specific methods on the following main topics regarding life and death:

  • The reality of the soul, its journey and evolution
  • Life before birth and after death
  • Teachings on the realms of the beyond
  • Facing one’s own mortality
  • Living life fully, guided by one’s own mortality
  • Knowing how to cross into the land of the dead with clarity and peace of mind
  • Being able to help people who are in the process of dying
  • Being able to help guide souls into the realm of the dead after death, psychopomp work
  • Knowing how to contact and communicate with those who have died.

This workshop is for people who want to have a natural and conscious relationship with their own mortality, and thereby become more alive. The training will enable participants to provide guidance and awaken understanding, courage and hope in people who are dying, and assist them in that process. The workshop also provides teachings on how to help people cross over from this world into the next, guiding the soul on its journey. There will be teachings on how to help the souls of deceased people, who are stuck, cross peacefully to the other side.