Healing Fear

Shining light on the parts of us stuck in darkness

How many of us can truthfully say that fear is not present, at some level, in our lives today?

Healthy instinctual fear is an ally, but unhealthy fear that serves no higher purpose can bind us into patterns that distort our lives. Does fear inhibit you in living your dream? Do you want to find ways to work with transforming it?

This workshop will teach a unique ceremonial process to heal unhealthy fear and help release behavior patterns that no longer serve us.

By inviting Spirit into our lives we can shine light on the parts of us that are stuck in darkness. Through ceremony, we will release the fear and invite love back in: the ultimate antidote to fear.

The day will complete with a powerful channeling ceremony to send love and healing into places where fear lives and thrives on our planet.

This workshop assumes no prior knowledge, so everyone with a desire to make a stand against fear is welcome to participate.

Led by Chris Lüttichau

This workshop is not currently scheduled, but may return in the future.

Contact Northern Drum Shamanic Centre to register your interest in this course: info@northerndrum.com

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