Drum Making

This workshop is not currently scheduled, but may return in the future.

In this workshop you will learn to craft your own hand drum Traditional North American Design. You will make your drum from wood and rawhide and it will be about 16 – 18″ in diameter and about 2″ deep, with drumskin on the one side and a handle on the other.

During the workshop, you will learn to thin the raw boards to make them almost circular, and then mount the drumskin. Then you will have the opportunity to decorate your drum. You will leave the the workshop with your own handmade unique drum.

Let us know in advance if there are any special requirements for the drum you wish to make. For example: normally we use reindeer skin for the drums, but other types are sometimes available at extra cost.

Having completed the drums we will work with them shamanically, and learn how to take care of them.


Details and cost

Email: info@northerndrum.com