Dancing with the Ancestors

Learn more about who you are

This workshop takes participants on a dance journey into the realm of shamanism where you will learn to contact your ancestors, establishing a mutual link that benefits both you and them. This opens a door to receiving back-up and guidance, and to learning about who you are on deeper levels, empowering yourself. Over time this work can bring about profound healing.

Gifts, strengths and talents are given to each individual from the ancestors. These endowments are often passed down and run in the family. But the same is true for dysfunctional patterns, causing problems and suffering in the individual and the family. This workshop offers you tools on how to acknowledge and develop the gifts and talents, as well as how to break the dysfunctional patterns, so that we can set ourselves free. In doing so we can free in turn the next generations.

These ancient teachings allow you to work with your roots to heal the past and step forward unchained into the present, trusting the future. You will come to realise that your ancestors are very close to you, offering help, protection and guidance.

You will receive authentic shamanic teachings and then ground them in movement as a way to embody and understand them on a cellular level.

This is course is not scheduled at present, but may return in the future.
Contact Matt to register your interest.

Led by Chris Lüttichau

This workshop is not currently scheduled, but may return in the future.

Contact Northern Drum Shamanic Centre to register your interest in this course: info@northerndrum.com