Breathwork: Setting of the Sun

Unresolved issues tend to take hold of our mind and heart. They can interrupt our sleep and limit the range of our dreaming. The basic principle of this breathwork method is that we dont let the sun set on any unresolved issues that may have occurred during the day. 

The Setting of the Sun is an old shamanic method for clearing your mind and heart each night before you go to sleep, so that there are less issues that need to be processed by your subconscious mind while you sleep, and in that way, you can have deeper and more rejuvenating sleep, and you raise your chances for having big dreams.

The Setting of the Sun means that you can go to sleep in a peaceful state of mind, which is beneficial to body, mind, spirit, and emotions. 

Wisdom beyond personal beliefs

It is said, based on research about near death experiences, that when you die, you will review your entire life in great detail. Everything that you have done, said and experienced will be played like a movie before your inner eye, and you will know instantly if any of your actions were not in alignment with your soul and higher consciousness. The review and the inner knowing comes without any judgement, but with absolute clarity. 

Such knowing comes from the place of deeper spiritual truth, which is a source of wisdom that exists beyond your own personal opinions and beliefs. No matter how convincing your opinions and beliefs might be, they are just your personal perspectives and conclusions, and they have to yield when the light of deeper spiritual truth shines upon them. 

Clearing the events of the day

Our personal conclusions have a tendency to lock us into a particular perspective, a certain way of seeing and understanding. This perspective can mean that we become less open to expanding, learning and growing. 

When you take a bit of time each evening to clear the events of the day, you can awaken some rewarding qualities within: curiosity, a sense of adventure, and an openness to the experience of awe and wonder. With these qualities you can move forward with a feeling of expansion, growth, awakening, and a beautiful sense of homecoming. Such qualities create a forward momentum. 

Open a space for the new

When the sun sets on unfinished business and disturbances, and you carry those with you into your sleep, they can take hold within and become unseen obstacles.  That in turn can slow down your momentum on a personal level, as well as on the level of the soul. 

What the world and its people need right now is momentum, an acceleration of progressive change, even if at times it seems to be almost overwhelming, and difficult to keep up.

The Setting of the Sun can help clear the mind and help open up space for the new. 

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