Calling Us Home

The latest book from Chris Lüttichau

The Latest book from Chris Lüttichau

Calling Us Home is the acclaimed new book by Chris Lüttichau, with real-life stories from Chris’s study with indigenous teachers worldwide.

From one of our most respected shamanic teachers, Calling Us Home aims to help the ordinary person, caught up in the anxiety of modern life, find balance and peace of mind. How can you hold on to happiness in troubled times? How can you develop strategies for dealing with fear, guilt, stress and feelings of inadequacy? How can you manage irrational annoyance and stop it ruling your life?

Full of anecdotes from the author’s Danish childhood to studying with Native American Indians and exploring wild places – the book teaches many things, from learning shamanic meditation to identifying which species of animal is your natural spirit guide.

Read the first chapter here. 


“Written with quiet power and fluency. Chris Lüttichau offers us wisdom distilled from many years of profound enquiry. His is a voice of authenticity, of clarity, and of heartfelt truthfulness. We are a people searching home and this book offers many potent insights that like lanterns strung along a dark forest pathway, illuminate the way ahead.”

Mac Macartney, Speaker, Writer, Founder of Embercombe

“Brought to life by awe-inspiring stories of lessons learned amongst indigenous teachers around the world, this is a deeply necessary book. Essential reading for anyone who cares about spirit, and spiritual activism. Read it, practice it, share it.”

Manda Scott

“A bible for our times.”

Head of Zeus

Articles by Chris

Shamanic seeing

Shamanic seeing

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