Calling Us Home

‘Calling Us Home – Find your path, your balance and your inner strength’ is the acclaimed new book by Chris Lüttichau, with real-life stories from Chris’s study with indigenous teachers worldwide.

“Brought to life by awe-inspiring stories of lessons learned amongst indigenous teachers around the world, this is a deeply necessary book. Essential reading for anyone who cares about spirit, and spiritual activism. Read it, practice it, share it.” 

Manda Scott

“A bible for our times.” 

Head of Zeus

“Written with quiet power and fluency. Chris Lüttichau offers us wisdom distilled from many years of profound enquiry. His is a voice of authenticity, of clarity, and of heartfelt truthfulness. We are a people searching home and this book offers many potent insights that like lanterns strung along a dark forest pathway, illuminate the way ahead.”

Mac Macartney, Speaker, Writer, Founder of Embercombe

Now out in paperback, £8.99. Available in all good bookshops and online.

Animal Spirit Guides

‘Animal Spirit Guides: Discover Your Power Animal And The Shamanic Path’ is an internationally popular book covering a wide range of topics including methods for connecting with animal spirits in your sleeping dreams and esoteric teachings on how shamans traditionally work with their animal spirit helpers.

‘Animal Spirit Guides’ explains what animal spirits are, what their function is, their connection to human beings, why they are willing to help us and how we can learn from them. The book also offers teachings on shapeshifting, sign and omens. It describes how your animal spirit guides can help you to build a strong circle of allies to support you in your life, to find your life purpose and manifest it.

Signed copies of ‘Animal Spirit Guides’ are available through Northern Drum.

A new edition of ‘Animal Spirit Guides’ is now priced at £9.99 in the U. K. and $14.95 in the U.S.A.