Welcome to Northern Drum

Modern and authentic shamanism with Chris Lüttichau

Northern Drum Shamanic Centre is a UK-based educational organisation offering a renewed perspective on traditional shamanic and medicine teachings, and a safe grounding from which to learn them. We provide unique opportunities for growth on your journey in life, with our breadth of shamanic training courses and workshops from introductory to advanced levels. Whether you are new to shamanism, or already experienced but seeking to deepen your knowledge and skills, Northern Drum welcomes you.

New Three Year Shamanic Training begins October 2015, Somerset, UK

"I can’t begin to tell you how much difference you have made to my life and way of thinking and acting. On this journey I have discovered parts of me that were hidden and afraid, and I have been able to bring them out and acknowledge the fears, and realise they had no foundation in truth.  I am a much stronger and more confident person and daily I grow as I integrate the teachings more and more." Dianne Askquith-Ellis, Devon

"These teachings are vitally important for holding and creating a world with a better future. That's because they are about ‘people making’… becoming human beings again. The three year teachings provide the most impressive spiritual guidance I’ve encountered anywhere providing us with understanding of how to live from a better place. I would recommend these trainings to anyone that has a keen interest in self development and or the way of the Shaman, including wonderful ceremonial teachings and guidance on how to hold self and community." Nadia Hosein, Family Constellations Facilitator and Psychotherapist

Whether you're a beginner in the study and practice of Shamanism, or have experience in this field, Northern Drum's comprehensive Three Year Shamanic Training works to deepen your knowledge and give you practical experience with the shamanic techniques taught. Our focus is to provide a strong, solid and safe understanding and practise of shamanism, whether you aim to become proficient in the art of shamanic healing, or to use the knowledge and skills to improve the quality of your own life. We will cover in depth an empowering range of teachings including contacting your spirit ancestors, establishing a strong centre, and life purpose.


Shamanic workshops and trainings

Our shamanic workshops and courses, as well as our Vision Quests, are designed to support you on a journey to know yourself, to stand in your own power and integrity, to heal your wounds and eventually to help others do the same, if you are called to that path. We support you to come into a conscious relationship with all of creation, where you are awake to the magic of life, following your path with love and enjoyment.

The path that these shamanic teachings offer can lead to a true homecoming, a fulfilment of potential, dreams and visions. They can help you find greater harmony with self, with others, and with the world around you.  Read more...