Three Year Shamanic Training

with Chris Lüttichau


This three year shamanic training works for beginners and for those who are experienced in shamanic work and want to deepen their knowledge. The focus is to provide a strong, solid and safe understanding and practise of shamanism, whether you aim to become proficient in the art of shamanic healing, or to use the knowledge and skills to improve the quality of your life.

Based in the South West of England, with four workshops each year: three from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon, and one 10 day camp.

Together, we will cover in depth an empowering range of teachings. These include:

  • Contacting your spirit ancestors
  • Life purpose
  • Healing dysfunctional family patterns
  • Clearing and healing your past
  • Establishing a strong centre
  • Protection
  • Initiation
  • Consciousness training
  • Healing Fear
  • Peacemaking
  • Working with plant spirits
  • Lucid and shamanic dreaming
  • Channelling
  • Working with spirits of the land and nature
  • Fire ceremonies
  • Working with animal spirit guides
  • Spirit teachers
  • Divination
  • Soul retrieval
  • Blessing ceremonies
  • Extraction
  • Psychopomp work
  • Cycles of life and death
  • Song, dance
  • Vision Quest
  • The Council Circle
  • Medicine Wheels
  • The spiritual warrior
  • Meditation

Feedback from participants

"These teachings are vitally important for holding and creating a world with a better future. That's because they are about ‘people making’… becoming human beings again. The three year teachings provide the most impressive spiritual guidance I’ve encountered anywhere providing us with understanding of how to live from a better place. I would recommend these trainings to anyone that has a keen interest in self development and or the way of the Shaman, including wonderful ceremonial teachings and guidance on how to hold self and community." Nadia Hosein, Family Constellations Facilitator and Psychotherapist

"I can’t begin to tell you how much difference you have made to my life and way of thinking and acting. On this journey I have discovered parts of me that were hidden and afraid, and I have been able to bring them out and acknowledge the fears, and realise they had no foundation in truth.  I am a much stronger and more confident person and daily I grow as I integrate the teachings more and more." Dianne Askquith-Ellis, Devon

"I have been pretty confused most of my life. Chris and these old, old teachings are torches that show me my way to a good life. My most profound task on a daily basis is to listen, not to the never ending talk in my head and my base center about alcohol and pretty ladies, but to the little voice in the wind and deep in my heart. So I try to live according to the original instructions and walk in balance, with love, good laughs and respect for all life. I have known Chris since 2003 and as far as I can see he lives what he teaches." Peter Tillge, Dentist, Denmark

"The teachings and ceremonies are powerfully transformative whilst always practical and grounded. Chris does not ask us to believe anything, rather to test it for ourselves. The skills and perspectives I have gained via Northern Drum continue to shape my everyday life. Working with the teachings daily, I find I am becoming calmer, stronger and more surely connected to life. I am proud to be part of a group of genuine and courageous people who have become dear friends. (P.S. It is also great fun!)" Katerina Keogan, Artist, Craftswoman

"I have felt a shamanic calling for many years and I am deeply grateful that Chris and the wonderful medicine teachings held by Northern Drum have been instrumental in my coming home to my authentic self and path of service. The transformations and healing I have experienced have been profound, both quantum leaps of growth and slow steady progression, under the safe, grounded yet powerful care of Chris as teacher and facilitator. He is a sincere, kind and knowledgeable man, who walks the talk and leads professionally.
I am deeply grateful for the positive level of health I have today and the healing I have received to achieve this. If you also feel a shamanic calling, I recommend the supportive environment of Northern Drum, where being both a Shaman and a human being are held in equal importance. Where your feet are is as important as your wings."
Natasha Saltzer - Shamanic and Energy field healer for people and places, Shamanic and expressive arts workshop leader and multi-disciplined creative.

Details and cost

Led by Chris Lüttichau


Begins 18 - 19 November 2021 - optional introduction day on 15 May 2021

Earth Spirit Centre, Somerset

22 days of teaching per year plus ongoing contact and guidance for integration of the teachings.

Total inclusive price per year: £2,380  Deposit: £390

Contact: Matt Guy
Tel: 07890 359 054