Soul & Totem Portraits

Commission a totem painting of yourself in the guise of your ‘magical self’. You will be shown surrounded by the animal spirits that are associated with you, as well as other elements that are aligned with your soul, such as a particular species of tree or a landscape.

Charlotte will contact you for more information once an order has been placed.



Charlotte has a gift that might be connected to the ability to tap into the collective consciousness, or a very developed animal intuition to look within - she closes her eyes, prays to the spirits for something to be revealed, and ... in my case she was able to touch on a connection between my spirit animals and something very deep in my being in a very genuine way. It has an "Altar" energy. Thank You Charlotte.”

Peter Tillge

“When I received my own totem painting by Charlotte I soon discovered that it captures some of the essence of me and my power animals in a very skillful and special way. The portrait is imbued with an imprint of the soul energy of myself and my animal helpers, and consequently the painting comes alive in a profound way. It is more than a portrait. This is the old technique of creating art: the paintings hold spiritual qualities, they have an element of magic, and can guide and empower the owner on their path. They are power objects.”

Chris Luttichau

Gosh! I am not sure what I was expecting to feel and experience when I first looked upon the painting. The first thing that I felt was the power that just hit me straight in my heart, then came the seeing of what you had created, the images and the likeness of the animals just exquisite so much life and authenticity.  Dear Charlotte you have such a gift to bring into the world..

Alexis Walsh

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