Drum Making with Torben Wendelin

The drum has a central role for the shaman in journeying and healing. It is sometimes referred to as “the shaman’s horse” because of its ability to carry a shaman into deep meditative trance states from where she or he can journey near and far.

In this workshop you can create you own drum in a ceremonial manner, using reindeer or deer skin of your choice.

Torben Wendelin is a skilled drum maker from Denmark, with 20 years’ experience of drum making, shamanism and North American traditions. He makes drums for sale as well as teaching workshops in drum making in the UK and Denmark.

To find out more about Torben's next drum making workshop in the UK, contact info@northerndrum.com


For more background on Torben's work please visit his website for futher details, or contact:

Torben Wendelin
Tel +45 4817 4916  Email: tromme@trommevaerkstedet.dk