The Art of Living

Led by Chris Lüttichau

A new workshop based on the teachings in Chris Lüttichau's latest book, CALLING US HOME

How many of us live our life as if it were a work of art?

Most human beings live their lives bound to particular perspectives that are based on past events, and on the stories they have told themselves about what has happened in order to make sense of their experiences. These stories and the perspectives they involve usually don’t allow the full potential of the person to be expressed in the world.

These dominant perspectives many of us live by are not always aligned with deeper spiritual truth, and they are not reality in the spiritual sense. They are not the infinity of the here and now in its truth and power. And yet they influence profoundly how we see and create our own reality, our own life, and our own experiences.

This workshop presents teachings, methods and techniques that can help you find a more truthful perspective, closer to the one that lies behind all the others: one of love, light and wisdom. It shows a path that can lead you closer to your own true self and to your spiritual awakening, and so to the divine within and all around you.

These teachings come from 35 years of direct study with native people who have passed down their instructions on the heart-based way of thinking and living. Here, living is seen as a high art that needs to be learned by following the wisdom teachings of the ancestors.

When a person steps into the centre of his or her own circle, a journey of awakening begins. Living becomes an art in an animated universe where the mystery is present and touches the traveller with its magic.


May 23 - 24, Online Webinar 
with Chris Lüttichau

Price DKR 2,400  Deposit DKR 400
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