Vision Quest Guardianship Training

Two year training programme

Northern Drum offers training for those wanting to learn how to hold a Vision Quest, and who are committed to going into the depths of the tradition. Teachings will be delivered in a way that respects the tradition that has roots in cultures all over the world.

Participants will be guided towards stepping into the role as the guardian, a role that is traditionally seen as a position of honour. enabling you to develop the skills and qualities you need in order to hold people seeking visions. Teachings will be delivered in a sacred manner, according to native tradition, respecting the roots of the tradition in different cultures all over the world.

In order to become a Vision Quest Guardian, you will learn what is needed of you on practical, energetic and spiritual levels. Practically, everything needs to be dealt with efficiently, and effectively, in order for people to relax and feel safe in your hands. Northern Drum will equip you with the skills to set up and hold a camp, including preparation for the vision quest, constructing base camp, securing the area, building the sacred fire, preparing the seekers and sending them out safely, and taking appropriate action in the case of unanticipated events. You will also learn how to use prayer, song and visualisation to hold the seekers.

Spiritually, Guardianship needs to come from the heart. Traditionally Guardians were chosen by Mother Earth; they were people of high integrity tasked with looking after Earth’s children as they moved through their ceremony. With this in mind, our training programme embodies many shamanic teachings, as well as training on how to open your heart and encourage a high state of consciousness.

Becoming a Guardian of Quests requires a perfect balance between soft, holding energy and strong, active energy. Whether you see these as masculine and feminine, or as ungendered qualities, they are inherent in us all, and you will learn to bring forth and balance both elements. At the conclusion of this training, if you feel called to, you will be able to hold Vision Quests with safety, heart and integrity.

The Vision Quest Guardianship training will run over two seasons, with four modules, a total of 26 days of teaching. Each year there will be a seven day camp as well as a weekend of shamanic teachings. Monthly integration emails will be sent out as part of the programme. Hilary Kneale will offer support throughout.


2022 - 2023

Wales, Devon & Somerset


12 - 19 June - camp
25 - 26 September


21 - 22 Jan
24 - 25 March
17 - 26 June - camp

Cost: TBC
Contact: Hilary Kneale
Tel. 07799 694546