Vision Quest

Northern Drum offers UK-based Vision Quests for individuals and small groups, as well as a Guardianship Training Programme with Chris Lüttichau for those wishing to hold a Vision Quest.

Northern Drum Vision Quests allow a safe time of solitude in nature, where deep spiritual guidance can be found. During three days and nights of fasting and praying, the mind moves into a place of stillness. Here we can distinguish our true selves from the chattering of our ego, allowing a new space for mystery to come into our lives and show us a way forward which the mind alone cannot reach. Quests can open up immense possibilities for us. They can help to heal deep wounds of separation and isolation; they can help us to see our life’s purpose and restore our passion and appreciation for our existence.

On the Vision Quest we can make the choice to move consciously from one life phase to another. We may ask to be gifted with new meaning and direction. The Vision Quest can be about finding an answer to a particular question, or seeking guidance on what to do after major life transitions following, for example, a death, a life threatening illness, a divorce or a separation.

Held in secluded places of natural beauty, our Vision Quests follow a traditional three-step structure:

  • separation from the known
  • a period of isolation
  • the return to everyday life.

During this time we enter a solitary space of prayer and meditation, stillness and focus, weaving between being and becoming, and opening ourselves to the guidance of Spirit and Mother Earth. Trained Guardians will be on hand during the quest; they will act as guides through the preparation time, and hold the seekers in mind throughout their ceremony. The Guardians create a base camp and use prayer and song to send support. After the Quest, they also support the beginning of the integration period.

4 - 10 July 2016, Wales
Cost £425  Deposit £100

Contact: Hilary Kneale
Tel. 07799 694 546  Email: