Studying shamanism with us

All trainings take place in the UK, unless specified otherwise.

Introductory level

The Shaman's Doorway

  • The shamanic path
  • Core shamanic methods and practice
  • Shamanic spirit contact and communication

We recommend The Shaman's Doorway as a great starting place to give you a firm foundation for your understanding of shamanic teachings, and to find out whether Northern Drum feels right for you. However this is not a prerequisite for joining our One Year and Three Year Shamanic Trainings, or for our Vision Quest Training.

Clairvoyance and High Intuition - contact for future workshops

Healing Fear

Shamanic Hiking Expedition in Finnish Wilderness

  • Shamanism, nature awareness and wilderness skills combined!

Intermediate level

Soul Retrieval Training

  •  Classical shamanic healing practise, in depth

The Art of Living and Dying

  • Shamanic teachings and practise around the cycles of life and death

For a deeper study 

Northern Drum Three Year Shamanic Training

  • Comprehensive shamanic training, exploring the many facets of shamanism, including the Way of the Council, Peacemaking, Dreaming, working with Plant and Animal Spirits, Ancestral work

Northern Drum One Year Shamanic Training

  • Shamanic art of healing one's heart and mind in order to become a vessel for healing others

Vision Quest Training

  • Holding a shamanic Vision Quest with strength and integrity
  • Guiding young people and adults in rites of passage

Beyond the Three Year Shamanic Training

Northern Drum Medicine Lodge

  • Shamanic training group for graduates of the Three Year Training, with an emphasis on continued embodiment and integration of the teachings, and manifesting your visions and dreams for life.

Northern Drum Council

  • Organisational development council whose members continue ongoing work with Chris Lüttichau and use the shamanic teachings in their own fields of work.