Shamanic Workshops for Businesses

Healthy Organisations

Northern Drum offers workshops with businesses, from cooperatives to corporations. Chris has extensive experience with business clients 
locally and internationally. This work gives the opportunity to bring ethics, harmony and balance into the 
workplace. Shamanic tools and techniques 
can boost effectiveness and productivity and help to create and sustain happy teams. The resources we share through this work are based on 
ancient teachings about how to live and work as a hoop, or circle, of the people. At the 
core of this wisdom is a fundamental respect for the gifts and talents of 
every individual within the circle, and an honouring of Mother Earth and all 
she provides.

These teachings can empower people to move a business to new levels of 
vitality and success. Learning to use the heart in planning and conduct encourages people to work
 as a team, to be connected to each other and also connected to the 
spirit of the business. This is a dynamic and creative process which can
 bring new life force to your business and drive it forward with integrity.


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