Shamanic Wilderness Expedition Mongolia


June 19 – July 13, 2019

An expediton led by Chris Luttichau, Petri Leinonen, and Tim Cope.

We are excited to announce this new 25-day expedition in the Altai Mountains, the cradle of shamanism in the very remote far-western side of Mongolia. We think this could be the trip of a lifetime.

The trip will be primarily trekking supported by herdsmen with camels and horses to carry equipment and backpacks through the land of traditional herders who have lived there for thousands of years. We will travel through Siberian larch forest, steppe, and semi-desert. Horseback riding is also an option. During the last part of the trip we will be canoeing on pristine alpine lakes and along beautiful rivers.

The Tavan Bogd (meaning Five Gods) national park in the Altai Mountains is celebrated for its stunning nature, its many ancient petroglyphs, its eagle festivals, and its shamans.

This wilderness supports a rich diversity of wildlife including grey wolves, Corsac fox, brown bear, Eurasian lynx, snow leopard, black vulture, golden eagle, Argali sheep, Siberian Ibex, several species of deer, and much more.

The tribal people living in this area are nomadic herders known for their culture of shamans, throat singing, hunting with golden eagles, and for their round felt-covered structures called gers. We will visit and spend time with families in their gers, as well as experiencing throat singers.

Requirements for enrolling in the expedition are medium level of fitness as well as having undertaken a weekend workshop with Northern Drum Shamanic Centre.

Contact Matt Guy for more information and how to prepare for the trip.

Tel. 07890 359 054