One Year Shamanic Training

with Chris Lüttichau

During the course of a year, you will be guided on a journey into the fascinating and empowering world of authentic shamanism.

Traditionally the focus of the shaman is the art of healing, and our one-year training reflects that. The shaman heals, not by his or her own power but by becoming a channel for higher forces that flow through the shaman to the person who needs healing. Native Americans call this ‘the hollow bone’, and in the Far East it’s called becoming ‘the hollow bamboo’. It requires that you surrender, so that you become an empty vessel through which spirit can work.

Embarking on this shamanic training will lead you into a powerfully transformative personal healing journey, enabling you to become a clear vessel for spirit. To become the hollow bone we first need to heal our heart and mind, and on this training you will use earth-based universal, spiritual ways to bring yourself into balance.

The training provides a sound, safe, grounded and comprehensive understanding of the basic healing skills and knowledge you will need to practice shamanic healing, if that is what you, and spirit, decide to do.

We will work as a tribe, the way the old people did, and feel the safety, holding and reflection of this healing dynamic. Individuals will be guided according to their needs and encouraged to achieve their fullest potential within the circle.

Over six workshops you will be introduced to these ancient arts: soul retrieval; extraction; how to heal fear, both personal and global; spiritual blessings; cleansing and purification of houses; healing with plant and tree spirits; shamanic dreaming; the cycles of life and death, including how to work with people who are dying; psychopomp work; ancestral contact and the breaking of ancestral curses and patterns; divination; and working with nature spirits.

The training is for beginners as well as those who already work with the principles of shamanism and want to go deeper.

Feedback from participants:

"You don’t have to be a shaman. This course provides a unique opportunity for healing and growth that changes the way you work in the world. Chris is totally trustworthy and fun to work with. Highly recommended."
Sarah Mook, Oxford

"The connection I now have to my soul, to my power animal and to all of nature and the elements has turned around everything I used to feel about being alive. The possibilities and choices that come with those teachings are absolutely amazing." Aina Binde, Norway

"Since beginning the One Year Training with Chris, working with spirit and unseen forces has moved from being a somewhat abstract idea to something very real, and using this to initiate healing both within myself and others, utterly profound. Authentic teachings, much of them handed down over countless generations, provide a deep connection to the greater human journey and the transience of our modern way of life. Chris has a very down-to-earth style, with good humour and tremendous integrity. For anyone considering a course in shamanism I would thoroughly recommend his approach." David Earp, Gardener, Reiki Practitioner

"Northern Drum preserves the teachings of both our ancestors and current native peoples. In passing these on without dilution, a strong framework is created to bring ourselves into balance. Chris is strong enough to hold the space for profound transformation while weaving gentle supportive wisdom every step of the way." Louise, Dance Specialist, Therapist

"Professionally I have found the healing sessions I offer have become far more powerful and effective since implementing the Shamanic ways and techniques as taught by Chris. I am being confronted by the areas of life I have been weak in and life/spirit is demanding that I step up, and embrace whatever I need to embrace in order to reach a new level of empowerment and maturity. There is no fake showmanship with Chris, he holds space with clear boundaries, he shares authentic teachings, he keeps it simple... I highly recommend!" Amanda Lyons, Stroud


Details and cost

Led by Chris Lüttichau


begins October 14 - 18, Gaunts House, Dorset.
22 days of teachings spread over 5 modules.

Total inclusive cost per year: £2,135. Deposit £375.

Course dates:
October 14 -18 (Gaunts House); December 2 - 6 (Little Earth, Somerset, non-residential)
2021: February 3 -7 (Little Earth, Somerset, non-residential); May 5 - 9 (Gaunts House)

Contact Matt Guy
Tel. 07890 359054