Keeping The Fire

A Way to Stay Connected

This group is a way for those who have done the One Year Training or Three Year Training to stay connected to the teachings and the Northern Drum community.

The purpose of the group is to:

  • Have the support of an ongoing circle
  • Keep the fire burning, stay on the path
  • Integrate and deepen your understanding, commitment and practice of the teachings
  • Stay connected to the Circle
  • Receive supervision with healing work
  • Review where you are on your path
  • Touch base with core issues in your circle

This is an ongoing group that meets each year. The group is open to those who wish to join it each year, with the option to commit to one year at a time. Participants can take a year off if needed, returning the year after.


Details and cost

with Hilary Kneale and Pavel Timashkov


11 - 12 September, Devon

Price £200  Deposit £40
Contact Pavel Timashkov
Tel. 07875 945 893