Share your experience of Northern Drum Shamanic Centre

Nearing the end of the Northern Drum 3 year training, I have felt very supported by a group of amazing co-students. The teachings have been clear and down to earth. Students use the teachings in a range of ways. For me learning and reconnecting with some of the wisdoms of native peoples, discovering new maps for personal, social and organisational development, opportunities to meditate, and space and time to get closer to nature and to spirit have supported me very practically in my every day working and personal life. Chris is an excellent teacher and it is a privilege to learn from him.
Annie Davy, playworker, writer, teacher, educational adviser

Chris is one of the few genuine dreamers and the only other teacher I've found who teaches effective, practical dreaming safely and sanely in the UK. Thoroughly recommended. This man is the real thing.
Manda Scott, Author (Boudica, The Crystal Skull) and teacher of dreaming

The last three years of teachings from Northern Drum have helped to process my past and are becoming a base from which to view and understand the modern world. Even the small amount from the large body of work that I have digested has proven to be greatly beneficial.
George Rutter, Photographer

It's been a year now since I finished my training with Chris and the healing and teachings I received during this time are still being integrated into my life. The clarity and integrity with which Chris holds the circle and gives the teaching is incredible. My perspective on life and my connection and relationship to myself and the world outside has been transformed. Many of the teachings from Chris do not feel as though they are new to me, it feels truer to say that I am learning how to listen once more to an authentic part of myself and the ancient memories and teaching are being awakened. I have been given many tools to be able to go to the teachers themselves, the sun, trees, plants, animals, the spirits and quest for teachings and I have deep gratitude for these gifts.
Anneli Stollar- Community Artist

Some teachings just can’t be missed – Chris’s are among them. Having learned shamanic healing techniques from Chris during a year-long training, one of the greatest challenges I needed to face turned out to be working with Chris: a man of integrity and respect who you can’t bribe to be your mate and yet 200% present and making you feel unique and real, whatever your story, your questions or your scepticism; a man on whom my projections would slip away like water on a duck's back; who seemed constantly to have one foot in the world of physical reality and another in the spirit world. It has therefore been a year of learning to push through challenges, of discoveries about who I am, of acknowledging resistances that came up from unsuspected origins. Of recognising the stillness of the warrior from that of the fearful victim.
The teachings I received have proved to be invaluable tools that I now have at my disposal when I see fit whether meditations, prayers, or journeying. And last but not least, I have met beautiful people doing this work and feel that the Northern Drum community is not a virtual concept. I know there will always be an open and welcome circle to meet, be it in this reality or the spiritual world. Oh, and I almost forgot, the wonderful bedtime stories that I wouldn’t have missed for anything in the world!
Claire Mouchot, trainee in Jungian analytical psychology

I liked the ideal of 'becoming the hollow bone' for spirit to come through, and I had a strong sense of that with Chris - a sense of teachings flowing through him with very little of his own ego getting in the way. He combines humility with a great ability to stand confidently in his own power. During the one year course I became more confident, trusting and connected to the universe around me, and I gained wonderful tools to work with life's painful experiences.
Zoe Stephenson (One Year Training)

I have had ten times as much healing and transformation in my one year of study with Chris as in the previous ten years of following my spiritual path alone. Chris is a person of great integrity and he brings the teachings forward with tremendous clarity. I really feel a window to truth opening in his company. I remain amazed at my greater awareness and understanding of the world and how integral the teachings are to life.
Leonora Adams

Having taken part in Chris's one-year shamanic healing training I can highly recommend his workshops and training programmes. They helped me open up forgotten places in my soul and led me to live a much more focused and purposeful life. I find Chris to be a dedicated and gifted leader and healer who walks his talk and inspires confidence in those who come to him.
Karen Hedley, Family Systems Contellation Practitioner

My experience of working with Chris has been very deep. It was a pleasure to have the chance to learn from someone is so willing to share such extensive knowledge and skill with care and precision, yet also a sense of fun and ease, but strong leadership when necessary. Aside from this, the group dynamic evolved into an incredibly supportive circle: one of the kindest and most supportive I have ever experienced, not without its ups and downs and challenges. I learnt a great deal of really useful things: spiritual knowledge but also very practical and honest. The resonance of what I experienced continues to develop within: thank you!
One Year training student, London

Northern Drum has allowed deep and profound change to take place in my life in a sustainable and nourishing way. I would recommend working with Chris to anyone who is interested in exploring their relationship to life and/or the great whole. Chris has a quiet and empowered way of working.
Chloe de Sousa, 5 Rhythms Teacher

Chris is a very gifted human being, humble, with a wealth of detailed knowledge. What a privilege to have these ancient and sacred teachings passed down to me. For the past two years, my life has been transformed in ways that are difficult to express. However, I know the journey is just beginning and that I have only scratched the surface of this most beautiful and alluring way of life, so different from the distortions of the world we now live in. If you are drawn to Shamanism, and wish to seek out a teacher with the utmost integrity, whose teachings come from the highest vibration of respect, wisdom and most of all truth, then consider meeting Chris at one of his workshops, you will never look back.
Alexis Walsh