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Friday 5th July 2019

One Year Training

The Northern Drum one year training course is for beginners as well as those who already work with the principles of shamanism and want to go deeper.

Over six workshops you will be introduced to these ancient shamanic arts:

  • soul retrieval;
  • extraction;
  • how to heal fear, both personal and global;
  • spiritual blessings;
  • cleansing and purification of houses;
  • healing with plant and tree spirits;
  • shamanic dreaming;
  • the cycles of life and death, including how to work with people who are dying;
  • psychopomp work;
  • ancestral contact and the breaking of ancestral curses and patterns;
  • divination;
  • working with nature spirits.

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Details and cost

Starts: October 14 - 18, 2020, Gaunts House, Dorset

Total inclusive cost per year: £2,135. Deposit £375.

Course dates:
October 14 -18 (Gaunts House); December 2 - 6 (Little Earth, Somerset, non-residential)
2021: February 3 -7 (Little Earth, Somerset, non-residential); May 5 - 9 (Gaunts House)

Contact: Matt Guy
Tel: 0789 035 9054