Northern Drum Council

The Northern Drum Council are a dedicated team who have trained with Chris Lüttichau at Northern Drum for many years, and integrate shamanic teachings into their own work. 

Our council is:

  • based on the Council Way, the teachings on the eight council chiefs, the Medicine Teachings, and the Shamanic Teachings;
  • comprised of members who join by invitation;
  • an advisory council.

Most of our members are also involved in running Northern Drum with tasks such as organizing workshops, designing the brochure and website, and organizing assistants for training groups and workshops.

People involved with Northern Drum can bring topics to the members of our council.

Northern Drum Council Member - Peter Tillge         Northern Drum Council Member - Anna Cantoni         Northern Drum Council Member - Hilary Kneale       Matt Guy
Peter Tillge                      Anna Cantoni                  Hilary Kneale                 Matt Guy

   Northern Drum Council Member - Lawrence Nunes        Northern Drum Council Member - Alexis Walsh            
 Lawrence Nunes             Alexis Walsh                  Pavel Timashkov                Philippa Church



Peter Tillge

I work as a professional dentist with my own clinic in Copenhagen. I have received teachings and training in the old ways, or original instructions, since 1997. To me the teachings are not only beautiful poetry. They are a way to meet the world with oneself as the creator – a way to honour the talents and gifts that have fallen into my lap, to give thanks and give back. The following statement is stolen from a friend of mine, and I fully agree with it: If my house catches fire, the first thing I will save, apart from my pets, are the notes from Chris's workshops.

Anna Cantoni
I am an artist and workshop leader and have a passion for education and transformation through time spent in nature. I have been training with Northern Drum for the last three and a half years and have particularly enjoyed getting involved with the "Eagle's Dream" summer camp for young people. I also put words and pictures together for Northern Drum's brochure.

Hilary Kneale
I am an artist, performer, writer, storyteller, movement teacher, facilitator of Vision Quests and creative retreats for women, and much of my work takes place in the wilder places of the UK. As I have worked with the medicine teachings my life and work have settled in tune with the earth. I love solitude and dancing with many friends; I tend my garden as I travel the land, collecting delights that I hope to share with you.

Matt Guy
I live in Cornwall where I met Chris while being present at one of his healing sessions in 2003. The power of that experience led me to try one of his workshops and I began training with Northern Drum in 2007. I help with administration, assist on workshops, and have run introductory workshops at Buddhafield and Wildheart Festivals.

Lawrence Nunes
I work as a Carpenter and Craftsman. Over the past 7 years I have been training with Northern Drum and I organise a monthly circle for participants in West Cornwall. I have found these teachings to be profoundly transformational, and I'm particularly interested in how they can be integrated in a way that is both authentic and relevant to our society, that we may consciously dream a beautiful future together.

Alexis Walsh
Until recently I was living and working in Hertfordshire as a practice manager for general practitioners and forensic medical examiners. In 2007 I made a commitment to participate in a one year advanced healing course with Northern Drum. I continue to be an eager student as well as assisting on workshops and being a bursary guardian. My journey continues: new home, new life, new…

Pavel Timashkov
I started my training with Northern Drum in 2009. For me shamanic work is a constant search for answers that never exhaust themselves. For me this work is a never-ending quest for the strong path - the path of responsibility, the path of respect, the path of being of service, the path of remembrance that I am a human being.

Philippa Church
I have been a Northern Drum student since my first Doorway in 2007, going on to complete the 3 Year Training and ongoing Medicine Lodges. I have been a school teacher (English and Drama) for 25 years and enjoy dancing with the challenge entailed in incorporating this work and these teachings into a very goal-focused and perfomance-driven environment. For me, the teachings are the map that guides me through.